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Web and Graphic Design services for Grand Lake, Grove, Vinita, Miami and the NE Oklahoma and four state area.

Grand Lake Web Designs

Web and Graphic Design

Our business is helping your business succeed through excellence in visual communication.

We consider our clients to be business partners and as your partner our goal will be to develop an affordable custom web site that is unique to your business, one that will help your business grow by increasing online exposure while building brand awareness.

We will work hard to make your site represent your business in its best light, and we will also work on optimizing it so that new customers can find you. We will do this by working closely with you to ensure that the site that we design meets your expectations in terms of functionality, visual presentation, and affordability.

About Us

Paul Fogg is the principal designer at Grand Lake Web Designs. His experience includes a technical background with a MBA in Management.

For over ten years he held the contracts for computer graphics design services to the Naval Surface Warfare Center at Port Hueneme, CA. These contracts were awarded to him by the Navy after a nation wide search and competition.

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Responsive Web Site Design

Be seen & help new customers find you – 24/7

Our clients are business partners and as your partner our goal will be to develop an affordable custom web site that is unique to your business, one that will help your business grow by increasing online exposure while building brand awareness.

Web Design Services

Free Consultation with a Full Explanation of Options

Our initial consultation is free and we will help you evaluate what type of web site would best support the objectives of your business and tell you up front what is included.

Responsive Web Design – Google Favored

Now designing responsive web sites for better search results!

Responsive Web Design (RWD) as “an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).”

RWD is Google’s recommended design pattern and they favor responsive sites over all others, giving them a better search rank. Visitors (and search engines) want sites that are friendly to use on small screens. Sites that require 'pinch & zoom’ to access the content will soon find themselves in the unfavored spots of not friendly to mobile users.

We tested "Awesome." Our site is mobile friendly . . . yours could be too.

Branding – Your Customers First Impression

Web Site Branding

Custom Color Palettes: First impressions count. To set the right mood for your site we will work with your logo and preferred images to design a custom color palette that will ensure that your web site visitors receive a great first impression.

Custom Logo Design: If your company does not have a logo we can design one for you.

Custom Header Design: Adding a custom web page header to your site adds interest and says a lot about your business. Whether the header is a simple logo, a rotating series of images, or an animation, the custom header designed for your web site will visually deliver your message to site visitors.

Interactive Design

Interactive Design

We believe that if the design is great but the site is not interactive, there is nothing to keep site visitors interested. You need a complete site that offers the best in design and interactivity. The experience of Grand Lake Web Designs ensures that the site we develop for you will be pixel perfect and present the right level of interactivity to encourage visitors to return to your site.

To facilitate a desired level of interactivity we will use interactive image galleries, modern web animation techniques, streaming video, Goggle maps, and interesting navigational menu systems.

Professional Content Creation – Get Attention

Web Content Creation. Need a logo, a web animation, a location photo shoot, or an edited video sequence to complement your site? At Grand Lake Web Designs you can be sure that we have the requisite graphic/media design experience to get the job done right.

Samples of our Graphic Design work.

Web Animation. Our experience developing animated web graphics means that if your web narrative will be better presented with the help of animation, then you can be sure that we have the talent and know how to get the job done.

We work with Adobe Edge Animate, the newest web animation software. We also work with Adobe Flash when that process is the best choice. When required we can convert Flash to an HTML5 format that will readily display on mobile devices such as iPad and iPhone. We use Adobe After Effects for video animation projects.

Samples of our Web Animation work.

Web Video. We have adopted the HTML5 video web standard because HTML5 video can be viewed on devices and screens that do not support Adobe Flash Player (Apple iPad and iPhone devices, for example, as well as the newer Google Android devices).

As more people are using devices other than desktop computers to browse the Internet, the need to move toward web standard technologies is increasingly important.

Samples of our Video work.

WordPress CMS – Online Stores and Blogs

We utilize WordPress Content Management System (CMS) open source software for sites where the client requires a blog, and/or, an online store. These sites can be created using a standard WordPress theme, or we will develop a custom theme for you. Fully funtional online store fronts will include product displays, shopping carts, checkouts, credit card processing, etc.

Sample custom WordPress site.

For clients that require stringent inventory controlls, shipment from multiple warehouses, international shipping, etc., we utilize Volusion, Inc. as a sub domain storefront to your main site. Volusion offers an all in one solution that includes: shopping cart software, a payment gateway for processing credit cards, and SSL certificates.

SEO – How Your Customers Will Find You

It's important for potential customers to find your web site. Using recommended SEO techniques we will make sure that your site is as search engine friendly as possible, and when complete we will submit your web site to the major search engines.

Analytics – Your Site Visitors

We add analytics coding from two sources, Google and Stat Counter, to each of your web pages. Analytics will provide information as to which web pages were visited, time on page, web browser used, visitors operating system, and much more. The analytics information will help guide web site improvements. If desired, a free weekly site visitor summary will be emailed to you.

Hosting, Maintenance, and Domain Registration

We will host your site for $7.00 a month. Full business support plans, which include site hosting, Google Analytics and content update start at $25.00 per month.

If you are not comfortable going through the internet "hoops" of registering your website domain we can do it for you through Godaddy.com.

Graphic Design

Our background in graphic design and content creation means that we can provide you with a full range of digital solutions to meet your unique messaging requirements.

Magazines, Brochures, & Newsletters

Digital Publishing Projects

Magazines, Brochures, Newsletters, Product flyers, Technical Data Sheets and more.

Whether you select the printer, or we do, we will work closely with them. Because digital file mistakes found at the press level can be costly to correct, we make sure that our files work right . . . the first time.

Little Hands Book – We have developed all artwork for Little Hands Book (LHB). Each book is designed for child appeal with vivid 3D illustrations that seem to jump from the page.

Logo Design

Logo Samples


3D Illustration Samples.

3D model layered over aerial photo. Right, 3-D figure illustration layered over photo background.


Photo Illustration Samples

Layered compositions including images and vector artwork.


Signage & Display Samples.

Left – Billboard 32 ft. wide. Right – Trade show display, 8 ft. wide.

Web Animation

Your site should serve as a portal to your brand or person. It engages the visitor, introduces them to your brand, and establishes your identity in a way that stands out from the noise of the Internet.

Storytelling is a big part of website design and animation often helps us do it better. A web animation or banner will better communicate your story while also attracting attention to your site. Animation is not just a nice-to-have feature. . . it can be critical to communication.

Our experience in building web animations provides our clients with a full range of digital solutions to meet unique messaging requirements.


Our photographic work supports web and graphic design projects that we develop. We are not professional photographers but we love photography, we use professional equipment, and we enjoy just walking around with a camera.

The image galleries below were made from recent photographic outings from around Grand Lake.

Video Editing – Web & TV

We have prepared (video editing/effects) several 60 minute programs for broadcast from KWHB, Channel 47, Tulsa OK, and product commercials broadcast from God's Learning Channel in Midland, Texas.

In 1993 we developed the first digital video prepared entirely on a computer for the U.S. Navy. The video dealt with the topic of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the development of future surface warfare combat sytems, and ran at 30 fps at a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels.

Music Videos

We have developed a number of "music videos" composed entirely of a sound track and still photos displayed using the Ken Burns motion effect. The videos have been used to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, ministry events, etc.

Integrity Music recording artist Paul Wilbur asked us to develop a video, made from still images, for a recording of Shalom Jerusalem. Mr. Wilbur was scheduled to record an album before a live audience and wanted the video to play on the auditorium screen as he sang.

The video below is full 1080p and was prepared for the South Grand Lake Regional Airport.

android 2 2 html5 mp4 converter by EasyHtml5Video.com v2.2
html5 video tutorial by EasyHtml5Video.com v2.9

What Our Clients Say

At Grand Lake Web Designs we understand the value of being client responsive. We answer the phone and when a client asks for something they get it NOW not later. Recently, April 2, 2015, I appreciate the great service you provide and your almost instant availability. Rev. Roy Trepanier, Director, Ezra Canada.